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My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

If you're looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing but feel completely overwhelmed by all the information and advice out there about how to best do that. This blog post is for you.

Sometimes health and fitness professionals in an attempt to help and share advice and guidance make things more complicated than they need to be.

In my experience with clients I know that simple is always best.

What you're looking for are quick actionable steps that you can take away and realistically implement into your lifestyle.

These are the stepping stones that when stuck to over time, make real long lasting change to how you look and feel.

Here at Weights & Wine Personal Training we love to keep things simple!

So let's dive right in.

My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

1. 20 Minute Movement

If there's one thing I have learn about working with clients both in person and online its the importance of making use of the time you have.

Wishing you had more and scheduling your week as if you might happen to find some somewhere, only sets you up for frustration and failure.

Schedule in 20 minutes every day, wherever you can fit it, to take a walk around the block.

Moving your body during the day works wonders for boosting your energy levels, releasing tension from sitting at your desk all day and gives you some much needed fresh air.

My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

2. 1 Small Glass

Of wine... Only kidding!

I'm sure you've heard health and fitness professionals talk about how many litres of water you should be drinking every day. Just the thought of it has you feeling like you might need to pee.

Instead, I challenge you to keep things super simple.

With your morning beverage of choice, add in a small glass of water to drink with it.


This is a really manageable way to increase the amount of water you drink across the day with very little faff or effort.

One you've got the morning routine down, look at adding in an extra glass for every other brew you make and eventually with every brew. You'll gradually increase you water intake, it's a great reminder adding it in with a behavior you already do. Most importantly, it's not overwhelming to achieve!

My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

3. Eat Lunch Out

I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to each your lunch away from your desk.

When I worked as an operations manager for 10 years, I spent most of those years eating my breakfast and lunch at my desk. For the most part I can barely remember any of the meals I ate. I never paid attention to what I was eating, what my food actually tasted like or if I was enjoying it. I just ate.

One of the best ways to better tune into your appetite is to sit away from distractions when you eat your meals.

This allows you some time to appreciate and enjoy your food without mindlessly eating mouthfuls without any awareness of how your food tastes, feels and how hungry or full you are.

My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

4. Coffee & Catch Up On The Go

The next time you make plans to catch up with a friend, have a 121 with a colleague or meet up with your mum. Why not suggest you grab your coffees to go?

Grabbing a take out and heading to your local park or just mooching around the block is a great way to combine doing something you enjoy with some gentle movement.

It requires zero thought and minimal effort but can help you feel both mentally and physically more relaxed and energised for the rest of the day. Some of the best chats and ideas I have come when I'm out walking.

My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

5. 5 Minute Morning Makeover

Hands up who reaches for their phone as soon as the alarm goes off?

Its just a reflex and before you know it you've lost 45 minutes of your morning and you're now looking at photos of some random persons wedding.

It makes you wonder, how else could you use that time?

Why not try 5 minutes of journaling, before you even pick up your phone. I'm not saying get rid of the morning scroll all together but if you swap out 5 minutes of funny cat videos for 5 minutes of checking in with yourself. How differently could you feel?

I don't have oodles of time in the morning but I find a quick jot down of how I'm feeling, what I'm looking forward to and what I'm grateful for is all it takes to sometimes completely transform the way I approach the day.

Plus that still leaves you 40 minutes worth of scrolling time!

My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

6. Garden Breaks

If you're fortunate enough to still be working from home or, like me, you're self-employed, then I highly recommend taking those brew breaks outside.

Heck if you're in an office and can find an open space or park, join in.

Just 5 minutes spent standing in the garden, in the natural light away from your screen with some fresh air and nature, is a wonderful thing.

It's simple, it's straight forward and it doesn't have to eat into your working day.

It gives you some time and space to decide how to reply to that difficult email or to figure out how to solve a problem you've been stuck on all morning.

My Top 6 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Week

I promised you 6 simple and easy healthy habits to help improve your week.

Implementing just one of these across your week will make a difference to how you feel.

Remember that it is the small behaviours that we stick to over time that make the biggest impact on how we look and feel.


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