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Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year

Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year

In the world of health and fitness there is always the next best thing just around the corner. The workout guaranteed to get you ripped or the new diet plan that promises to help you shed the pounds.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to believe. In a world of social media and constant before and after photos, how do personal trainers actually get results for their clients?

In this blog I am going to share with you the five top ways that my clients got results working with me this year.

No fads, no crazy new workouts or diets required. Let's jump in!

Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year


I know you might think this sounds too obvious but let me give it a bit more context. The clients that have a clear goal in mind that can be measured and focused on during their PT sessions, get better results.

Whatever that clients goal may be, their training plan and workouts outside of the gym are geared towards that very thing.

One client of mine wanted to get stronger, specifically she wanted to focus on upper body strength because she enjoys climbing and wants to improve at that. She had also always wanted to be able to do a full press up. This meant when it came to her training we focused on building her upper body strength. We did resistance exercises that worked her arms, back, shoulders and chest. We also always included a press up variation into her session. We started with inclines, then we focused on the eccentric phase of the lift. We measured her progress by assessing how she felt when she went to her climbing sessions, did she feel she was getting stronger and able to do more. We also built her up to full press ups and again, continued to add these into her training plans to keep improving them.

Having focus and purpose to your training is the only way to guarantee that you will see results.

Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year


The clients who have seen the best results across the year are the ones who have been consistently exercising week on week. This doesn't mean training 6 days a week for an hour a time, never drinking alcohol and giving up carbs.

Consistency for most of my clients looks like 3 workouts a week, long walks at weekends, balanced meals across the week with lots of wiggle room for meals with family and friends.

Most importantly, none of them are perfect. Life is not perfect.

When you have an all or nothing approach to your health and fitness you are setting yourself up to fail instantly. The moment you can accept that nothing ever quite goes to plan, you'll be able to find a way to make exercise work in your lifestyle.

You need to be realistic with the time that you have and find something that you can enjoy doing.

Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year


For so long women have been made to believe that the only way to see results with their fitness is if the scales are going down.

I say, throw out the scales.

I don't actively weigh or measure any of my clients.

There are so many other ways that you can manage and monitor progress with your fitness. Are your weights going up? Are you able to do more? Are you sleeping better? Do you feel better in yourself? Do your clothes fit better? Does your body look different?

Who needs a scale to determine if you're doing all of the above?

Measuring progress is so important if you want to achieve results. You need to see where your starting point is and how much you're improving week on week. Those things help keep you on track when your motivation is low or when you can't necessarily 'see' any changes.

Clients that trust in the process and know that if they keep showing up they will see results, are the ones that do the best every year.

Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year


Having someone cheering you on feels amazing.

Whether that's a gym buddy, your partner, a proud parent or a personal trainer. Don't underestimate the power of support in getting you results.

These people play a crucial role in how we stay on track and celebrate our wins along the way. They can take on the role of cheerleader, someone to kick you up the butt when you need it or to tell you you're doing amazing when you're feeling lost.

Women are known to thrive in supportive groups. We love that nurturing sense of community we get from a group of supportive women lifting one another up.

The clients who keep in touch, ask questions and share their goals and fears with me are always the ones who go on to understand themselves better and achieve more. They don't struggle on by themselves, get frustrated and give up and neither should you.

Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year


Having goals for your health and fitness are key, them being realistic is essential.

Sitting down before you start a new workout plan or diet and understanding what the end game is will help you approach your challenge knowing what it is you want and what it might take.

However, a lot of us thanks to social media have an unrealistic idea about what is achievable and in what time frame. We also loose sight of how long those 'results' often last.

Body transformations are everywhere, in 8 weeks you can look like this. Ask yourself, what will you look like 8 weeks after that?

Start with smaller goals like wanting to exercise three times a week. Get consistent with that over a period of weeks before you try adding in more things to work towards.

Sit down with a coach who can help you understand what will be required to achieve your goal and give you a realistic timeline in which you could achieve it. I always have honest conversations with my clients about how quickly they are likely to see or feel a difference when they start training with me. It is always worth remembering it is likely to be months not weeks.

The clients who get to grips with what they need to do to achieve their goal and work at implementing those steps every week are the ones who reach their goal much quicker.

Top 5 Ways My Clients Got Amazing Results This Year

Those are the five ways my clients have got themselves the best results in their health and fitness this year. No quick fixes or crazy life overhauls here. Just getting the basics right and sticking with it over time works wonders.

I am so proud of what my clients have achieved this year during such crazy conditions. It has shown what is possible when we learn to adapt.

Want to make 2022 the year for getting your fitness results? Get in touch or head to my website for more info on how we could work together here.


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